Dear Hollywood

Hey, before I leave this town
I’ll go down with style
Put my highest boots on
And stroll ’round in a gown
Pretend that I am welcomed
Everywhere I go
Order in champagne
For people I don’t know

I’ld tell strangers that Hollywood
Has started carving my name
Before the week is through
I’ll be on The Hall of Fame
Act as if I’m someone
With real diamonds ’round my neck
But stumble out before
Anyone hands me the check

I’ld turn as if it’s obvious;
“Don’t you know who I am?”
The mirror for each woman
The dream of every man
And even if they arrest me
I would not admit
This is just a way of twisting
The truth a little bit

Saying; if I go down
I’ll go down with style
Electrodes placed upon my
Million dollar smile
I’ld sit with my legs crossed
In that worn-out, wooden chair
Before you wet my head
Let a stylist fix my hair

Oh, I hope you realise
My death will change the world
People will go rioting
Once they get the word
So cops and priests, be gentle
Pray with every spark
‘Cause even when I’m gone
I’ll be lighting up the dark