NEW album released!


Last night we had our release-concert for our new album “Stories After Bedtime” at A38 Ship in Budapest. What a night! I’m still completely overwhelmed! It’s been a long journey up to this point. I moved to Budapest one and a half year ago, and the things that have happened ever since, have been beyond what I dared to hope for. I’ve met the most amazing musicians, who put so much love into my music, and everything we’ve done, has resulted in this album. We’re very proud of it and so excited to finally share it with everyone!

Even if the journey has been long, I have a strong feeling, that THIS is when it really begins.



My parents, my sister, my two brothers – for being the most supportive since the second I was born. The amazing musicians that played and created this album with me, it would never have happened without you: Felix, Gili, Zdosek, Krisztián. Loveliest of the loveliest Levi and all you betyar boys: Kakas, Fehér, Krisztián, Mihályfi, Kristof. The women in my life: Gabi, Ida Mo, Dori, Sara Molnar, Reni, Rebeka, Anna and Heidi, Miss Bell, Siri, Klöv-Anna and Klöv-Frida, Vannie, Alina and Carla. Patil Balian for all her incredible art. To all the musician-friends who have inspired me: Everyone on this album, the Betyar boys again, Ida Mo again, Győri Ati, Zebastian, Harald, Norbert and Hanna, Sara Öberg, Labros, Nick and Fizzy Dave, Ian Keteku, Tyson, Seinabo, Oskar Hanska. Everyone else who have been an important part of my journey: Bema, Marta, the Hallström family, Suzy, Lauren, Nikoletta, Nicole Lior, Eric, Sandra Rosa, Philip Martin, Bara, Domi, Zsolt, Gooch, Tury Krisztian, Tosh, Tristan, Brian, Kolos, Laura Koski, everyone in Quimby, the Szimpla-crew. And of course, my favourite little stars, Szonja and Robin.