Once my boat is crushed to the shore
I can’t row back out there anymore
Doomed to walk in somber and gloom
Doomed to walk alone with the moon

Once my house is burned to the ground
I can’t shut out the world around
Doomed to walk and look for a home
Where the moon and me can be alone

And once the Devil comes my way
Falls in love and begs me: stay
Doomed to see if I can change
The only man no girl could cage

Once my theory is proven wrong
And turns into some shameful song
I’m doomed to keep on walking by
And sing for the moon up in the sky

And by the time the summer ends
There’ll be countless lands I’ve crossed
By the time, oh, by the time
I’ll forget the things I’ve lost
By the time the flood returns
I’ll be far from any coast
By the time, oh, by the time
I’ll accept the things I’ve lost

And once I’m where I want to be
Free from doubt and your misery
Promise you won’t wait for me
Leaving you was hard as can be

If you mean to change your mind
Change before you’re left behind
Change before this house is burned
Change before my back is turned