And then came autumn


Almost everyday, old friends or strangers, ask me for a good story. Since I’m some kinda restless vagabond, with no proper plan besides finding inspiration, I keep getting the question; “Where to next?” And in those moments, I always take a look around, to see if I still like what I see. ‘Cause if I don’t, I have to find a good answer to that question. But honestly. Honestly? I’m far from done with Budapest. In this instant, I’m sitting and writing in my friends abandoned apartment, on the Buda side of the city. You know, in one of those backstreets, where bricks are crooked and walls are covered in climbing roots. And I light another cigarette, as the cat jumps up on my lap, scares the crap out of me, with autumn in its fur. Smell of wet leaves and rose hip. I tell myself, I’m watching over this cat today. Or it is watching over me. But back to autumn. Back to searching. For all the colors I can find. When crossing the bridges over the river with him on my arm. Like a big-city Pocahontas. Waking next to ashtrays, bathing in scarves and feathers. As the trees turn red and orange. Where do I go next? Honestly. I’m not going anywhere while the city keeps changing. I am staying while it surprises me this way. Staying, at least until the leaves have dropped. And the snow has come. And the snow has won. And the snow has melted. And the sun has returned. And the cat leaves my lap. One day at a time. But everyday is a different time. So once again; Where to next? Well, tomorrow, we’re playing at Erzsébet Tér, at Bringások Éjszakája, 22.00. Street music style. That’s all I know for now. And if you want to know more, then ask me again tomorrow. But I guess the purpose of this, was to tell you that things are fine. It might not be that exceptional, crazy story you were looking for. But we need simple stories too, right? I’ve done nothing else today, but breathing. And taking it all in. The festivals, the gigs, the great responses. Yeah, I’m grateful. But the details will be told in my songs. Until then, much love to everyone who’s been caring or following or supporting these adventures.