Dear Stockholm

Dear Stockholm,
I’m going to let you in
on a secret…

I just got the keys
to my new flat
in a city far from you

this might mean, that for some time,
I won’t wake in your company
or get dressed to your view
or complain ’bout your weather
or jiggle my back down your street
and disturb your peaceful nights
with my sleeplessness

“for good?”, someone will ask,

and I will say
I can’t think of anything that’s for good

let’s say
“for as long as it feels good”

all I know is that
I’m going to unpack my studio here
soon there’ll be
new words, new songs
created, recorded, uploaded

and in case you wonder, Stockholm
this is exactly where I’ll be sitting
everytime I need a
break from the singing
with a coffee
or something stronger
and a cigarette
waiting to be lit


/Love from Budapest