This old mirror

when you’re bored of your old mirror
and bored of his rejection
remember there are better things
to do than beat perfection
it’s probably your mindset
not the girl that’s your reflection
it’s probably not even love
just some mislead affection

you see, there’s nothing you can do
to force the air to thicken
to force his heart to beat for you
and start purring like a kitten
’cause he came in decided
his state’s cannibalistic
you know him and that long-legged girl
will end up somewhere kissing

so you’re bored of this old mirror
and you’re bored of this confusion
there are no changes you could do
to fit into his illusion
and you can’t seem to stop envying
the woman that’s his drug
the woman he will spoil
the woman he will fuck

maybe you’re just a duck
with water on your wings
you need to let it drip off
before it tells you things

’cause nothing good will come
from your unanswered love
so let the water pour
but never get soaked up

yeah, let the water pour, but never get soaked up