First summary…


So, here we go. It’s time to wrap things up.

It has been a long process and an intense winter. A boom of gigs, publicity, interviews and collaborations. A reason to believe in what I do and a reason to question what I do. Doubt what I’m putting out in the light. Then appreciating the light. All of a sudden, I have people sharing what I do with me. Wanting to be a part. Spreading these songs, playing them, encouraging them. This means a lot to me.


Soon two albums will be released, with collected songs I’ve written these last two years.

The first one, “Lovers And Prophets”, is a full-length album, with two tracks that are studio recordings: “Down The Rabbit Hole” and “Macho Woman”. These two have been produced, mixed and mastered by Labros Liaropoulos, who also plays some of the instruments. The other musicians playing deserve a massive thank you as well; Felix Grön, Zebastian Swartz, Bobo Steneby, Antoni Yammin and Pablo Martinez. The rest of the tracks on this album, are my own recordings/productions.

The second album, “Dirt From When The Earth Was Flat”, is completely self-produced and a full-length album as well. The songs have been recorded in my bedroom or random hotel rooms along the road. These are not grand productions, on the contrary, I recorded them like refrigerator notes are scribbled down. In the moment. Quickly, personally. Without ever thinking anyone else will hear them, but myself.

And hey, now that I’m all grateful, I also want to thank Alina Alkeby (a.k.a. Miss Hollywood Manager), Manfred Hanberg, Johanna Ogenblad, Kajsa Leanderson, Harald Mellbom and Ayman Osman, for all the help.


So dear Spotifyers, iTuners, friends, strangers – keep your eyes open.