Wide asleep

I dreamt of divinities
Inside my inner realm
An open mind like a disease
Lead by a white coat, ahead of me in some aisle
I don’t know why he took me away
From my root up to my crown
And why I so badly want to know what’s waiting for me

He seems to know the lines outside these circles
Combined with the signs
The same in my mind and it’s all intertwined
Moving in and out of me
This is eternity
And he breaths when I breath
So heavily
Finding the seventh sense
The eight and the nineth in me
And moving all together
This is what I always want to see
When I close my eyes

Oh, now I see
Now I see
Wide asleep
When I close my eyes

Then he tells me that not only
With closed eyes should I feel
For all that I see
Is what they’ve taught me is real

And I trust in his hands
When he holds down my face
Opens up my eyes
And takes them out of their place

Left is empty holes
Two tunnles to my mind
I hurl onto the ground
Fearing i’m going blind

And something in me says
To prepare for the end
But then the room turns clear
And my sight extends

And all of a sudden
I see myself lying on the floor
I see myself from the outside
Like never before
I see through the two holes
Right into the core
Of the room, of the world
Right into my soul

And I see me
And he wonders
And I see me
And I answer
And I see me
And he wonders
And I see me
And I answer
And I answer
And I answer