43 seconds to Hiroshima

Early monday morning
Mother woke me up
There were no clouds at all to be seen on that August day
My time had come

“It’s your chance to shine now”
Father spoke with love,
“Little boy, our last hope of joy,
Chosen by the God, the God above”

Dropped me in the air from Enola
800 feet up high
Oh, what a town, I thought
What a lovely town from here,
While falling through the sky

See me make my entrance
Every soul found
Will know my name
Will know why I came all the way
Once I hit the ground

Oh, this morning is mine
Oh, look at your boy now
With my head held high, high
High, like you told me

So keep your windows open
Nowhere you can run
I’m your little boy, raised to destroy
Blasting down like the sun