The Witch

I come like a wind under wings
roar at invisible things
the witch that will speak to the ghost

I knew your name ’fore you told me
I know where you’ve been, I know where you’ll go
and I love you the most

I’m so terrifying, poor little man
you’re the food I will eat
oh, oh, I am melting, I’m melting
don’t pour your waters on me

they wait for their stones to be thrown
burn me alive, if I sink let me go, if I float let me die
well then, how come we survive
me and my sisters, through all those misters
too scared to let us fly

I’m so terrifying, come little man
you’ll taste sweet in my pie
oh, oh, do I melt, am I melting
if you throw your waters, give it a try

the haunt has already begun
well, burn me in the middle of your square
look again, look again, I’m not there!
look again, babe, it’s magic
’cause they wouldn’t call me a witch
for nothing