Secret Life

here comes that feeling I’ve been running from
here comes that moment I was told would come
and I can not turn while it’s surrounding me
and I can not look while it is blinding me

moon, little moon, sing me a lullaby
just you and me, no one is passing by
moon, have some wine, drink for this secret life
tell me something good, where should I go tonight?

I’ll go out, fall out, lost in your night
stir up all chaos, let’s stir up this town
gone for a while, lost in my lies
I’ve got nothing to lose, living my secret life

here comes that morning I’ve been hiding from
I should’ve stayed where I’m safe but he put me on the run
and I will not speak ’bout all the things I’ve done
no, I can not tell who I am to anyone

moon, little moon, you know my every sin
you know my wishes, you know just where I’ve been
moon, have some wine, join in my secret life
let’s make no sense at all, where should I go tonight?

where do lies burn out? light my soul on fire
blindfold my eyes, lost in your night
I’m living my secret life