My Heart Still Beats


strange, sad little heart

look, he left you here, but you’re still beating

strange, mad little heart

you’ve been drowned alive, how come you’re breathing?


I’ve been lonely, so lonely, so lonely

and he wouldn’t be by my side

now i’m looking, i’m looking, i’m looking

for another voice that’s warm and kind


come pain, come storms, and whatever may

i am down on my knees while he leaves

i will find oh so many truths between the lies

because my heart, my heart still beats


strange sad little heart,

there’s only one thing i wish to say to you

remember this, oh, while we’re apart

all things in life, dear, they always come in two…


like day and night

like sun and rain

like you and me

and run or stay


now you’re lonely, so lonely, so lonely

’cause i wouldn’t stay by your side

now you’re looking, you’re looking, you’re looking

for a different girl with a love like mine


and once i’m out of the deepest waters

how, it’s so hard to believe, that i’m still standing hereĀ on my feet

after all his defeat

my heart still beats