Quicksand around my feet My land, you are too weak Weak to hold me Pushing me from your shores I’m singing my high and lows I will not stand here as your arms drop my weight And let me go … Continue reading


No time to waste, love, no time to waste I’m coming home, love I’m coming home to where your ghost is looking for me No time to waste, love, no time to waste I’m coming home, love I’m coming home … Continue reading

Warrior Soul

warrior soul, do you hear me calling? calling out your name with my peace warrior soul, did they leave you falling? by the yellow lands and burning fields warrior soul, how’d you know my heart’s in everything I do? it … Continue reading

The Witch

I come like a wind under wings roar at invisible things the witch that will speak to the ghost I knew your name ’fore you told me I know where you’ve been, I know where you’ll go and I love … Continue reading


what am I waiting for? I let these nightmares in for too long now hear the cry of my soul what am I waiting for, deep in denial taking my fears right off, old crosses, I release them ask for … Continue reading

Mad Heart

what kind of mad heart does not know how to be still? why does it look for another against its lovers will? why does it ask to be free even when the right one’s by its side? what kind of … Continue reading


you see, i’ve fought this thought for way too long i got scared of the things it said to me i guess i’ve been on my way, protecting my heart to this day walking every road that keeps me free … Continue reading


there was a time when i was near you knew it would not last nothing does, does it, darling i twisted out the best do i not still believe in giving you my all? why are you refusing love that’s … Continue reading

Free From Me

who’s gonna come now that i’m gone tell me who who’ll be the one   and who’s gonna come now my hearts on the run tell me who who’s gonna come   who’s gonna try to love you in better … Continue reading

Secret Life

here comes that feeling I’ve been running from here comes that moment I was told would come and I can not turn while it’s surrounding me and I can not look while it is blinding me moon, little moon, sing … Continue reading

We Can Call It Love

oh, darling, i am calling you be the honey down my spine oh, stranger, i am falling for you give me your peace, i’ll make it mine oh, darling, we’ll be wandering from things that couldn’t stay with us oh, stranger, we’ll … Continue reading


Now I’m caustic, acetic Brave yet pathetic Breaking when cold winds blow See, his hands were my passion His mind my compassion These feelings just seem to grow And all this time I wait for a sign I wade in … Continue reading

Kvarglömda ting

jag brister sällan, min vän finns så mycket att brista för att vi lever tills att vi dör jag brister bara när bristas bör och jag sörjer sällan, min vän finns väl inget att sörja över? jag sörjer när jag … Continue reading


Once my boat is crushed to the shore I can’t row back out there anymore Doomed to walk in somber and gloom Doomed to walk alone with the moon Once my house is burned to the ground I can’t shut … Continue reading


All the love you make in your head Oh, the vow you break in your head All the games are real in your head Oh, the shame you feel in your head What solutions are there? What solutions are there? … Continue reading


just another revolution boiling in my blood just another sad solution force my heart to love just another revolution waiting to be heard another sad solution for better, for the worse now you are all I care for and if … Continue reading


I wonder if those bullets are coming I wonder if I can catch them for you I wonder if those bullets are coming Will I try the best I can do? So you, is this all I get? After all … Continue reading


People, with your drinks Dancing in this room While you had your fun He left me like a fool Now I watch the skinny girls I envy all their bones I envy all the women That won’t go home alone … Continue reading

This old mirror

when you’re bored of your old mirror and bored of his rejection remember there are better things to do than beat perfection it’s probably your mindset not the girl that’s your reflection it’s probably not even love just some mislead … Continue reading

Broken Bells

I need to find a way Walk it ’til the day Make it ’til the sun comes Will every quiet wish Fill the gaps I’ve missed? Hearing out the opaque sound like Ring, ding, ding, ding, ding Bells will start … Continue reading


Fisherman Grab your gear While the sea is Calm and clear Old routines Leave me here Go catch us gold Fisherman Leave the shore With a kiss By the door Love will wait When you go Oh, now i know … Continue reading


There are no storms here to get caught in No winds to lift your house from the ground Then drop it falling There are no storms here to get lost in If I hear your door slam It must be … Continue reading

Time killer

I am humming to stay awake On this night without you Oh, tomorrow’s a slow day Don’t have anything to wake up to And I play for all those lovers I sent away Easier to think of one I haven’t … Continue reading


  And the snow has fallen for days Every morning looks just the same I’ve been driving through towns no one passes by To find one that knows my name I can’t fall for another silent lover Another that’s just … Continue reading

Once in a lullaby

  Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly There’s this land that I heard of once in a lullaby Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds die There’s this land that I heard of once in a lullaby My friends are … Continue reading


  Oh, it’s early afternoon Still the moon is showing me it’s face Up from space To me it all seems absurd I’m thinking of how my life could be But I sway the thought away My sister left and … Continue reading

Rainy June

You got this way, always know what to say Always know how to reel me in When I’m on my way Far away It’s been a while since I’ve seen you smile Remember the times when you liked to hang … Continue reading

Rimforsa perrong

Du sover i mitt hjärta Du vet hur det kan slå Gav dig skäl att stanna Jag gav dig skäl att gå Jag väntar mig bedövad På Rimforsa perrong Och trallar en gammal visa Jag lärde mig nån gång Och … Continue reading


Why do they bother? Why do they care? The crowd is drowned in spilled out blood It is not over We’re halfway there Like riots before the flood Now carry these chords home Carry these tunes Let them roll out … Continue reading


  Hit the floor on your way down You might need the hit Then the sky on your way back Once you stand up and get at it Never had a dwelling mind Just reminding walls I can hear the … Continue reading

Snow white

Oh, I need to remember what I’m in the game for Need to remember what moved me here Need to remember what I’m in the game for Need to remember how I got here When they try to pull me … Continue reading


  Elope with me For a while I’ve got boxed wine And I’m slumberless I know a seahorse we can ride Through the air Nobody knows But it hides in my hair So elope with me For a while I’ve … Continue reading

The sorrowblack fish

Never kiss the sorrowblack fish swimming by Don’t look down, you might as well catch his eye Don’t look up, you’ll see its reflection in the sky Never blame the sorrowblack fish swimming by Don’t you swim down the stream … Continue reading

The white flowers

Soon they will blossom, the white flowers Outside my window, they always come in May Relieves, reminds me Of times left behind me How everything comes right back around again It’s been a cold and long winter I’ve been all … Continue reading

Those boys

Those boys are asking for my time I don’t wanna give my time away Neighbours are knocking on my time But I’ll get back another day Strangers are begging for my time I don’t want to risk my time away … Continue reading

To the break of dawn

Down, down, down, down I go Down, down, down low Sun will rise and sun will go Down, down, down low Thoughts are blasting through my mind It’s the sound of dreams that stop Light shines in through the blinds … Continue reading

Visa till Lorca

Långt därute på sjön Badar den runda månen Väcker den andres avund Högt därovanför Snön är rimfrostvit nu Snart fryser sjön till is Snart fryser sjön till is Vad blir det av månen då? Hoppas du lyssnar nu, natten För … Continue reading

Waiting for war

I crave for a revolution You say you could start a war You’re beaten like me, your life is as free What are we waiting for? Your eyes tell stories of sorrow They look into mine and I’m exposed Tell … Continue reading

When Kali danced

Kali danced the world apart Her movement was the dawn of earth Cosmic sway that killed her man Until she turned to give rebirth Live your dream, he said and fell I’m to tired out to join Try your luck, … Continue reading

Wide asleep

I dreamt of divinities Inside my inner realm An open mind like a disease Lead by a white coat, ahead of me in some aisle I don’t know why he took me away From my root up to my crown … Continue reading

You know what I’m like

You know what I’m like Riding the waves Drifting aside Turning to steam You know what I’m like Chasing the rush Waiting for life To slowly begin You know what I’m like Reaching outside Grasping the air Like it’s all … Continue reading

Russian roulette

All of your Gods are wrapped in blister packs One for the cough, one for each heart attack You got me working like a dog for you Turning my head each time you walk on through Making a mess when … Continue reading

Placid passing

You’re riding through my dreams On a flying swan I don’t know what it means I’m gonna hit the streets With my hat down To avoid the ones I meet What if I knew where you Keep yourself when you … Continue reading

Out of magic

Speak now or forever hold your peace I put my hat down The birds fly out and away To the warmer half of earth Where flowers look dreamlike Growing out of the sand Where flowers look dreamlike Growing out of … Continue reading

Odjur och vidunder

Jag ska söka mig till faran inatt För att luften är inbjudande svart Korsa mörkret i en park bara för att Jag söker mig till faran inatt Jag ska söka mig till faran inatt Gräva fram alla Stockholms besvär Gå … Continue reading

Mr. Buddha

  Hey, I picture Mr Buddha catching me when I fall I think a girl like me could make him very happy I want to fall down and bounce right back Up and down, just like that Like on a … Continue reading

Moth to the flame

Hey, what is it I’m seeing here? People seem to change What is it I’m seeing here? Things have gone so strange I keep looking for a place to go Far from judging eyes Forgotten all those vows from long … Continue reading

Macho woman

I have to get my act together How I’ve loved like a man for so long With my heart locked away Had to be lonely, however Seems like I’m slowly opening up for you So don’t let me down, no … Continue reading

Kittens in trees

What if we would tie a rope to the moon, climb right up, let the wind give us a push? Sway to lands far away Over night It would be like falling without hitting the ground And you would say … Continue reading

Just like honey

Hush, baby, sleep now The moon is melting down Just like honey dripping on my skin Drowning the town Hush, baby, sleep now In the corner of my eye I will howl ’til the morning comes I’m in love with … Continue reading

Hejdå lilla värld

Stjärnorna, jag litar på dom ljusen För att jag inte alls vet vad dom är Jag drömmer om allt jag inte känner till Jag har nog alltid varit såhär Kanske vill du också bara fara Långt från jordens atmosfär? Kanske … Continue reading


I’m gonna take it all away from you now I’m gonna rip it down to shreds for our sake ‘Cause all I’ve known has passed me by Don’t need another kiss goodbye I’m gonna drink this up And make it … Continue reading

Lucid love

Babe, it’s cool We’ll be fine Pin our dreams Drink your wine Hold my hand Smash the view I’m a kite now So are you Whatever they say It’s the way it goes down Once these houses blow away Whatever … Continue reading

Ers nåd, om du vill

Jag förlåter dig för allt Jag förlåter dig, jag lovar Jag förlåter dig för allt Som ingen kan förlåta Jag glömmer det åt dig Låter det begravas Känn hur du blir fri Känn hur du behagas Jag förlåter dig för … Continue reading

Down the rabbit hole

One pill from Mr. Rabbit makes your ears grow He grabs my hand and says; Never chew, swallow Smoke darkens our lungs Makes us fall for strangers In old hats and worn out jeans For deserted buildings we take over … Continue reading

Dead weight

Oh, he moves like a man with a distant mind Oh, he moves away And he moves like a man from an ancient time Yeah, he moves away And he moves when my hands hold back the tide Oh, he … Continue reading


I got my feet tied tight to the ground Earth spins me around, I hang upside down Hearts keep leeking, don’t they? Hearts keep leeking, don’t they? Fire’s reeking all the way To my dangling love I got my eyes … Continue reading