I got my feet tied tight to the ground Earth spins me around, I hang upside down Hearts keep leeking, don’t they? Hearts keep leeking, don’t they? Fire’s reeking all the way To my dangling love I got my eyes … Continue reading


Ages ago I settled down here After swimming to the seabed and back Quiet like a ghost, watching from the coast Fixed to the ground under clouds dressed in black I was born to rise from this land This light … Continue reading

Dear Hollywood

Hey, before I leave this town I’ll go down with style Put my highest boots on And stroll ’round in a gown Pretend that I am welcomed Everywhere I go Order in champagne For people I don’t know I’ld tell … Continue reading


Got to think of you the other day, love When thousands of birds Came crashing down through the sky, love The strangest thing i’ve heard Though you were always the one to stay in winter And disappear with the sun … Continue reading

Beyond the sea

Me and my mellow heart In the dim october light Speak to me like the wind In the lukewarm night Crushed to the shore When the water’s low Hush to the core Yesterday is long ago I am beyond the … Continue reading